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There's nothing and no location like it, 6 stages and a mass camping ground that light up the bush in the middle of nowhere like an oasis of debauchery. Oppi is famous for the music, drinking, camping, unbearable dust ("In dust we trust!") and absolute batshit madness!


My top performances in order from best (trust me, I'm just as surprised to see so many local bands made the list! From a self professed snob XD):
Editors (UK) )

Van Coke Kartel (SA) )

Taxi Violence (SA) )

Rival Sons (USA) )

Shortstraw (SA) )

Wolfmother (AUS) )

aKing (SA) )

If you want to try give some of these South African bands a chance, feel free to ask me for some suggestions :3
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I saw [ profile] easilyerased use this meme and though "hey, why not", seeing as I've never done one (a meme that is). I only write Muse and Belldom, so, yeah, all my fics are thus that :) Also thought this would be a good idea considering it's been nearly a year of posting on lj for me! \0/

List of my 2013 fics:

  1. Framed [chapters 1a - 16]

  2. The Underground

  3. 3: That's The Magic Number [chapters 1 - 2b] (Muse, Chris/Matt in chapter 1, then Matt/Dom)

  4. Prime Time [chapters 1 - 22]

  5. The Good, The Bad and The Bellamy [chapters 1 - 7]

  6. Rapunzel [chapters 1 & 2]

  7. Rainfall

  8. Soaked

  9. Catfish [chapters 1 - 4]

  10. The Issue

  11. The Last Stop

the rest... )
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Just...this... I don't know, I just love how mystical? this looks... Heck, to get that chance of a one on one with the man, I'd even strap myself in one of those things... In fact, you know what? Screw school and exams, that is exactly what I'm gonna do! Get to touch Matt and get the most awesome view of the concert (plus that thing does look kinda fun if I'm honest)!! And if I think about it...I'd be getting paid to attend Muse gigs- of which there'd be multiple!! :O Fuck, I wouldn't even have to pass maths! Career: decided. That's it, Riv's becoming a trapeze artist for Muse gigs, fuck yes!!!

Now to break the news to my parents...


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